Friday, August 22, 2014

Firefox SesliSozluk add-on DIY

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations we can perform without thinking. Alfred North Whitehad

In Tip#61 of Pragmatic Programmer , it is said that "Don't use Manual Procedures".

Tonight, I said it is enough each time to look a meaning of a word while reading on internet
  1. open a new tab in browser, 
  2. go to and 
  3. enter the word to get meaning. 

As i searched, there were no appropriated firefox add-on matching to my needs, so why i don't prepare one. It is so simple and does not offer no more than what i have needed :). Just select the word and right click and click on "Sesli Sozluk" from the opened menu. Sesli Sozluk will be pop-up with meaning of the selected word.

Here you can get it and don't forget to rate it by 5 stars  :)

I found chrome alternative here prepared by another gentlemen, and don't forget to rate it by 5 stars too :)

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