Friday, December 05, 2014

Measure Your Computer Usage Performance

Today, while trying to concentrate on what Imam says during Friday Prayer, attacking lots of different thoughts over my mind, one was that, how hard I have been working last 2 months, who knows how many times I stroke on keyboard, how many times I click on mouse even in a single working day. This curiosity produced a program when I back to Office after prayer. Here you can see details in git-hub.

Download the project and execute (for linux) or run.bat (for windows) under dist folder, and let program run on background while you work.

The program will count your keystrokes and mouse clicks and log total counts after each hour and day in myp.txt file under your home directory.

I guarantee, You will be surprised when you see counts :), and respect to keyboard and mouse for their endurance.

A special thanks goes to JNativeHook for their library I used in this project to listen system to get keyboard and mouse events.

Are you asking my performance since I started computer for preparation of this blog entry? Here

2014.12.05:22 MouseClicked:232, KeyTyped:2524

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