Friday, September 26, 2014

PragProg - What Makes a Pragmatic Programmer

Ref: The Pragmatic Programmer

Each developer is unique, with individual strengths and weakness, preferencess and dislikes. Project manager / team leader should care about positioning each team member in appropriate part of project as much as possible where he/she can show his knowledge and performance better.

However, if you are a Pragmatic Programmer, you'll share many of the following characteristics
  • Early adopter/fast adapter. You have an instinct for technologies and techniques, and you love trying things out. When given something new, you can grasp it quicly and integrate it with the rest of your knowledge. Your confidence is bor of experience.
  • Inquisitive. You tend to ask questions. That's neat - how did you do that? Did you have problems with that library? What's this BeOS I've heard about? How are symbolic links implemented?
  • Critical thinker. You rarely take things as given without first getting the facts. When celleagues say "because that's the way it's done", or a vendor promises the solution to all your problems, you smell a challenge.
  • Realistic. You try to understand the underlying nature ofeach problem you face. This realism gives you a good feel for how diffucult things are, and how things will take.
  • Jack of all trades. You try hard to be familiar with a broad range of technologies and environments, and you work to keep abreast of new developments. Although your current job may require you to be a specialist, you will always be able to move on to new areas and new challenges.
TIP 1: Care About Your Craft 
There is no point in developing software unless you care about doing it well.

TIP 2: Think! About Your Work
Think about what you are doing while you are doing it.

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